Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Look through my eyes

Photo by | Sartaj Tanweer Photography |
Wearing | Mark&Spencer, Zara, Ginger |

Summer in India (39 degree) or even more whoa, imagine how I survive here,... the temperatures shout that there is a beach calling. It can get really humid but that's ok as I just love spending my summer vacations at a beach than a hill station. So, this time my plan is two back to back beach vacations (my wish list includes a visit all the beautiful beaches).

Must have :
Sunscreen lotion : Our skin is exposed the most at beaches and results to sunburns. Skin care is a must, guard it with a extra SPF containing lotion.
Bikinis : One piece or two piece, it is always a better plan to dive in the sea with one of them instead of wearing a skirt or a loose dress.
Slippers : Do not wear loaferS, floaters, shoes on beach ... keep it simple. A nice slippers will be more comfortable and you won't mind even if it gets washed away.
Hair clip / Hair band : When that hair gets messy and unmanageable, solution is to just tie it up or pin it up. Take bobby pins or a small hair band ( it's really handy too)
Scarf  : Just to protect your skin a lil bit extra, it can be used for many reason including covering your hair as well.

Until next time,
Gia x


Adams applelist said...

Wow.. love all the pics.. specially the angel one <3

DashOfClassic said...

Thank u @adam :D that was such a hard work though

decheny said...

u look gorgeous in all the pics.. the angel pic tops the list :D