Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My birthday

Photo by | Sartaj Tanweer Photography |

I had a amazing birthday week last month, yea pretty late in updating but nevertheless here are the pictures. I am indeed grateful to Almighty, spent my week with all the people who are closely bonded with me.

I am a woman who love to celebrate and enjoy special days, anniversaries and festivals, in fact I do not remember any of birthdays gone wasted in the past. My parents have always crossed those miles to make me happy, I remember dad once shower me with 200 dresses at one go (pretty too much for a 9 years old kid then). He is one of my icon, he is the one who introduced me to those boots, leggings, dungaree, tank tops, printed dress and many more. I was little bit unusual then those kids who flocked around in frock. My fashionista journey started quite early, the love clothes have driven me so far.

With this birthday I only hope to be more consistent than ever, to be more focus towards my agenda
(I am simply lazy this year) and more importantly be happy.

Lots of love,


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The Style Cocktail said...

Love your dress!
Belated Birthday wishes coming your way! :)

I will be taking the #ootd2015challenge,
would love it if you join in too.
Give it a look:

The Style Cocktail

ARSHA SONU said...

Hmmm...seems RICH but ugly..:-(