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Kethose Nagi - A one on one session

Kethose Nagi is from Nagaland, India. She is an Angami girl from Jotsoma Village, in Kohima. I was indeed delighted to get to talk to her. She is pretty, tall and not to be forgotten, she is a true beauty. Now she is based out in England, the story of how she has evolved is amazing. Here is more what she has to say about life, career as a model and much more.

1. How did modelling trigger in your life ?

From early college days, I was approached with modelling offers but never really pursued it. After I started working as a Flight Attendant based in Bangalore, I decided to audition for the famous Kingfisher calendar hunt in 2011 by simply sending my pictures in to them. 
While I did make it to the finalists, I realized that I was not prepared as well as the others who were all experienced models or actresses who had at least faced the camera. And so, I didn’t succeed in the finals. But yes that was my first modelling experience. And I learnt never to go unprepared into a battle.

2.How long have you been modelling?

I cant count years of my modeling, because in India I haven’t done any work, I did get approached by modeling agencies and request to relocate to Delhi and Mumbai and interested movie people even approached me for probable movies, but since I was focused on my studies and my marketing career, I was unable to give modelling enough time.
In UK, I am juggling some part time modelling with my studies.  I am associated with some agencies and may tie up soon with a large London based agency.

3.What are the perks and downsides of this field?

Perks are what’s seen on the magazines and online… and you get to look good with no effort as the stylists, makeup and hairdressers do all the hard work. And you get paid to look good, wear expensive clothes and accessories and just enjoy being admired.
Downside, you need to have good agents and agencies and it’s a lot of hard work. Even if you are born looking like Angelina Jolie, it’s still a lot of hard work and its very competitive. 

4.Where do you see yourself in another 10 years from now?

I want to see myself as a successful business woman down the line, and still look good ;) , be able to apply and use my knowledge I would have gained so far into my business. I want to have earned the respect by establishing myself as a name either big or small. And I want to look back 10 years from now, and be proud of myself that I didn’t just waste my youth away looking pretty, but also has built a full life for myself. Be the daughter that my mother and my close knitted family including my grandpa, grandma, big aunt (in short my parents) would be proud of. I so wish dearly in my heart, I’d set a good example for my younger relatives to follow and my family to be proud of.

5.What do you think about women's empowerment?

I strongly believe that women can achieve success and fulfillment on their own terms. I believe that women have rights and must use this world, which is full of opportunities to do well on their own. 
Women are equal to men in every way. 
There are so many women, who have potential to be someone, to make a difference and yet they are so tied up by so many insecurities or rules, which they or people make for them. They should also realize that God helps those who help themselves, and sometimes God comes in forms and shapes and sizes we don’t imagine.

6.Does one time achievement define who you are or is it a prolonged struggle (in the fashion industry)?

It’s not about struggling but I have realized and I believe that life is about continuous challenges and hard work. There are many good breaks in my life that have helped propel me. My joining Kingfisher airlines, and later Radio indigo as an Assistant Manager marketing helped me learn and grow, my first international photo shoot for pomp magazine UK and starting my masters in UK and hopefully a long list to follow.

7.Is modelling about the whole look or the personality?

Modelling is about the look I should say, but by looks I don’t mean only beautiful, it could be any type of look that sells in the market. As for personality in a model’s work, you have to get into the skin of the personality or the moment and the mood you are shooting for. A model should be a good actress/actor to be able to work as a good model. You might have to be a glamour queen one day, then a gothic punk chick the other day, or maybe an angel the next never know whose shoes you have to get into.

8.Has modelling contributed in being who you are today?

No, I wouldn’t give modeling the credit. Not to sound offensive, but modeling has and will always be just a part time or a curiosity in me as long as it continues.
Who I am today is a hardworking person like anybody else, building a future for herself in terms of gathering knowledge and experience in the form of work and studies.

9.What is the one thing that each girl who wants to be a part of this (fashion) industry should look up to. 

They should look up to experience and self-satisfaction rather than just trying so hard to be a top model and breaking their back on it.
You shouldn’t do what you are not comfortable of doing. Don’t just do it because the other girls are also doing it, do it because your heart says so. And you will find your calling.
As long as they can look back and be contented of themselves and be proud; that’s what every girl (who wants to be a part of this industry) should aim to achieve.

10.How is life so far ?

Life, has been challenging and yielding in a good way so far. I am looking forward to completing my Master’s this year and starting my Doctorate in Business administration end of this year. Fingers crossed. 

Thanks for reading and stopping by.
Lots of love 

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