Sunday, 16 December 2012

The right feeling

In this real world – defining certain things has become so complicated.  I was really a confused character for a long time, before I actually knew this is what I wanted to be. So I never knew my tendency in anything, was deeply concerned about certain things which perhaps should not bother me at all. Now when I think of it,arghhhh such a waste of time. But I had to take in, to cherish this moment. I am welcoming everything in life :) . So I am really excited to meet up certain people who inspire me in their own little way like my own photographer, friends across the globe, siblings, love and of course my apple pies – nieces and nephews. As I was so happy since I found the “New Me”, we were out for whole new shoot.
 I am totally a classic person – my attire explains the whole meaning. Black and white :) some people say I have no colors addition in my life off recent, but yea what to do. When I find what I want in these colors, it’s so classic. But yea this is fall – A/W :) so I will portray a lot of my character in such colors which is me and yet I am comfortable wearing it. Not at all necessary that it has to be always black or white, it can be some other color as well:).
Since my dress is classic – I wanted this time to be at a more fun place, so got one and the shoot began … Lliaan took as many as he could. I don’t look good immediately in all the pics ( well nobody does). We had this shoot at one of the high – end places in this city – Bangalore. Trust me I don’t have to layer too many clothes living in this city, wind is chill but still manageable. It’s like more fun :) , to create this look all I did is plain make up , my pink lip color and add on accessories. And there I go, all ready and set, do enjoy this look.