Saturday, 18 August 2012

Expression of myself

Colors can really change your mood; I carry bits of moods with my attire  ;)  and the combination. People think I play safe but I am classic in my own way. Off recent shopping sphere has made me satisfied and elated of my personally choice. How I have grown a lot in this past few years, with colors, fabric, design, vintage piece, street shopping collection, shoes, accessories and so on.
I still remember my likeness and choice was so limited due to my budget ;) , as a college goer  I was into street shopping didn’t fantasized much on big brands. But now as I earn and ready to spend in all Vava voom brands. 
It’s been mixed feeling of both the world, now I am better with time, place and situation so I can buy stuff which I like it. But have to agree, fashion has been all about individualism and expression. This doesn’t stop us anywhere, little did matter on what brand I focus on. It’s all about how I put up those dress which other feel – “thumbs down” or say “not happening” ;) .

P/S: I beg your pardon guys, my location is somehow the same every blog since its my one and only hot spot as of now(outside apartment).Its more like my comfort zone now, since indoor shoot doesn't have good impact on my pictures.Till i meet some magician please cop up with me;).

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I am stumble over tumblr

I get so high on beautiful pictures and photographs, ever since i knew tumblr  existence on this planet I have been quite a follower.
Today i need not write much since all the pictures will do the talking :). As you go through, you will get to know as in why i love doing what i do ;). Girls just wanna have fun, and why shouldn't.

Life is fair and good when i think of all this beautiful pictures.