Sunday, 5 August 2012

Neon dancing with me, come along.

Neon dancing with me!
What a month it has been :) , from getting into my new job which is remarkable at this young age :) , where my counterpart is literally old  :)  giggle, not making fun though trust me. Then sales season I mean it’s such a good bargain for all my die-hard brands. First thing I do is I sign in almost all online store and memberships in all possible stores out here in Bangalore. So I get my first handpicked, this makes me more happy.

In sales, the rule is “First come first take away”, yeah indeed you get your sizes, colors, prints, shape and so much more. So you need to be right out that door, when they announced the BIG BANG WORD – SALE. From the tick tock of my watch to every message I get through my electronic medium I am in my go on mode. Hit the Shack with my card, just pick up my favorite  and best oneJ and be happy like for almost a quarter.

I picked up almost everything, but this Neon – top cum dress took me in another world. Thank god, I saw this although not my size, but still I can wear this in any form. Felt like god has been kind on me. I cherish every time I put on this clumsy top cum dress. Thinking about colors splash, it can change a dull mood I mean it has so much fun wearing this, youth on my side, style upgraded, over all iconic theme for this whole season :) . While I did this shoot all I felt, damn I am a Diva – born to shaking up boredom out of me :) . Life is still good and happy with all Neon-nism around Me. Yeah the D-Diva is born and she is happy with all color changing every time she buys new attire :) .I have lots of work still I am taking off some time to share my passionate work in my own dream fashion world with a little touch of being classic  :) .