Sunday, 3 June 2012

the simple posh girl !

What it takes to be you? Sound so easy but think about it some time we get lost in this whole illusion world of competition. While I was with parents a little brat was always taught to be disciplined, used to be like there is no other way. Progression towards life became clearer day by day; I started dreaming more and wanted to live life like never before. Some of the fact was I got wings to fly high and score.

Coming from a traditional family and surrounding was little adjustment but thankfully my father let me rejoice my dreams and hope. I started living like a Star, dad used to buy me all trendy cloths. I never use shop by myself till I turned 16teen, all my attire was gifted by dad and mom. I used to demand all in trend stuff and there was no way I won’t get it. I have never failed to live – up with my passion of cloths and then when I was departed for my further studies, I remember my Shillong days, where I didn’t like to be so away from my parents. As usual my parents were busy didn’t understand lots of mishap happened.

I was sent away more further but this time geographical and emotional.  But I found a new place, new faces, new friends, new language oh yes everything was “New”. This time I didn’t take much time to settle down I was ready and prepared =). Studies were main focus but my priority has to be always different, boys’ topic became really more excited there was no one to question me. Living life on the edge as young teen wonderful moments that’s all I carried forward.

 Slowly I started shedding the timid “Me” I didn’t know I was going to be change so much. Vacation time, I always use to be living up all over again, got to know more this time why as a kid we wait for vacation glory. The homely part - I always get me back with my loved ones. And whenever I had to return back to hostel, there was those sleepless nights crying over my pillow. Nothing was easy but the age was a Big Trick I never took anything serious from studies to what my vision is like for next few years. Countless enough I see a soul support my dad and mom.

I left a person behind and I move on to be this young girl with lots of passion, my goal became very clear as I learned path are always difficult. Failures struck many time but taking time not to give up makes me smile always, no matter how bad was the last fall. My sensitive became my strength - to be more careful towards people who care about me even i was not that close, relation was grumpy sometime but taught me there is always a new love and new man. My willingness to work hard for my passion became a set goal, don’t know how I climbed those ladder but sure do I will climb step by step till I reach. I became more forgiving in this whole journey I met some, kept it and left some. I am still the little posh girl now who has grown up a lot and carrying all the deeds which will make me go forward in life.

The quality part is, I am posh and still going further with my dream of blogging, its a sort of diary now where I write about self evolving apart from just posing. Ain't so cool huh! who thought I would be blogging someday.