Monday, 9 July 2012

Lets take a walk.

The season has been so soothing after hot weather in this part of world. Well you will know what I am referring to, if you happened to be a resident in India’s major cities. Be it Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai or my own city Bangalore (which comparatively is quite nice). After long summer, monsoon started and its awesome, cooling down the temperature and letting me pull out some of my essential cotton blazer.

I am extra in love with this blazer ever since I got them last year; it’s like my girlfriend who never leaves me alone when I need them. Seriously suits best wherever it’s required, gosh hardly goes wrong anywhere until I am standing under hot roof :) . Not quite fascinating but I love it  :)  everywhere. I know I am bit in exaggeration of my own words, (giggle) but that’s ok sometime knowing the fact, it just makes me look million dollar every time I put on ;) . Yay baby!!!!

Evening became more fun with this look, with some coffee meet up.

Such a joyous day :)