Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Prints - Lets block it !

It’s so amusing, the culture of fashion. Inspiration is one thing that takes me to this direction, I want to live like an African Girl surrounded by Safari, an American all time sweetheart, European sophisticated lady, the exotic Indian girl, and the ever green mesmerizing beauty like geisha, wow …I am never ending ! So I dress sometime to feel like those girls and women, this gives me a happy feeling being in their shoes

As I feel little romantic today I decided to do Prints – blocking , more fun I would say, it’s about the right choice and let me show you how I went so far. My top has been a white printed one very lady like and very precious (one reason being my sister gave me) and the skirt, very flirty with lots of layer more with bright colors mixed.  It’s accentuated by large black belt to give that blocking between my top and skirt. Feminine is the right word, finished – up with some accessories, slight reddish lips and my flat ballerina.