Friday, 23 November 2012

Evening dreams

Evening dreams

Ever heard about evening dreams? Well quite frequently it occurs to me post to long hectic week days. May be this is one of the dream I rejuvenate myself being “Me”, I forget who I was in past 5 working days yea the professional me. I just love the fact that I don’t have any meetings to attend nor face management in wee hour, sounds like a small girl is complaining about regular school life. Well everything is the same, just that those days I was dependent on certain external factor now I am more independent.  Thinking about this I should be happier, so I thought I will spend my evening meeting new people, travelling and much more on my passion for writing, posing, blogs, photography etc.

This young Mizo guy – hailed from Manipur, we met to work on something which is achievable and passion driven. All this pics are not lesser than nice dreams.The first time I pronounced his name – he corrected me very warmly like real gentleman – it’s not Lion – its Lillain. Thank god he didn't mind on the first place. All these beautiful pictures are credited by him through his defined lens and art of photography.

Fulfillment of wishes is a package of happiness >) thank you my angel !!! 

                                                           Photos byLallian Valte