Friday, 25 April 2014

Beauty and the pastel

 Photo by : Sartaj Tanweer Photography 
Wearing : Forever21, Ni-Hao (Local boutique at Bangalore), Ginatricot & Splash 

I just had to wear this and there are many reason in this, let me pen down the details :

Crop top :
This short top aka crop top, have been in around for a few years now and don't seem to wave goodbye.

Sequin Jacket : 
I am drawn to this light rose sequin jacket, it is a must have this Spring!

Polka Dot Denim : 
Denims has been always been around, this polka dot denim just works for me. Be it in a meeting, brunch or for that little bit of a causal look.

Floral Wedges :
It's here to stay, very quirky and comfortable. I look for style & comfort, this has it "ALL".

Rocker chic Bag :
I love structure bags, mainly because I love how easily they fit in all my things. You will see me carry more structure bags than any other design, my top favourite bags would be from Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Double Zip and Michael Kors Selma (chuckle) which would be the more expensive ones of course, but this bag pulls all the attention wherever I go , got it from a local boutique and at the moment is my favorite.

P/S : Not all fashionable items are luxurious, you can mix, blend and create a whole new look.


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Style Spectrum said...

Omg that bag totally steals the show! And you look stunning *.* And totally agree that not all fashionable items are luxurious :)

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