Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nature Softness

Like to take you miles with me,
Like to hold you like no one ever did,
Strength and weakness has all become a routine, but I feel, you in me just makes me go on.
Stumble thousands time, dragged many as I can count, but all I see is a star so bright.
Is that I should do?
Lost in mist of soul alone one can never give up in this turmoil game of “life”.
I stand by just for the better “Me” if not better tomorrow.
Down the lane I see myself with hidden emotion and strange feelings.
Where am I to be going in no man’s land …….
Speech of utter thought makes me frighten to be giving out to the world.
When darkness seems never ending…..
There is always a flip side.
Oh the soft me!
Thousands miles before I walk ….
All I sink is in your softness ……