Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Its my Birthday !!!

My Birthday !!

23rd September,  woohooo its my birthday. Little did I know, it was amazing, not that I got to dress one of my Forever New dress. One of the reason was I had my besties around me my friends, sister and bro. Mom and Dad was badly missed >(. I like the whole arrangement done by my friend, from selecting the venue and the cake, deliciously the cake was so yum and the venue was cozy with good music.

Birthday are one of those day where I enjoy a lot and be proud of who I am till now, it was break away from my hectic work scheduled as well. All my birthdays has been terrific, I missed all my old friends, siblings, cousins and my not so good friends. But yea I will never stop enjoying and celebrating the person I am today, thank god I was born >). Ahem before my readers get really bored I will divert into sightseeing my adorable not so classy pictures.