Thursday, 31 May 2012

Let my nails do the talking

Nail art has come long way, I love decorating my nail with new style it’s just so gorgeous. It started when I was in school; we used to carry all shades of colors and try out all possible color =) though I was in convent school as longest as I can remember. Pretty strict with certain rules, but rules are meant to be broken. So the passion has forward over the period of time and nails art has been interestingly change vastly. From floral prints, polka dots, pearls, stripes, sequins, moon shape and so on. Off recently I am love with Peter Pan collar statement even at nails art. I mean there are so many designs and style which people are carrying its simple amazing how our little nails has style statement.

Monday, 28 May 2012

am TO pm

Really excited while I was doing this look, since I am hell of a woman about looking chic but sometime life gets too busy, work to brunch, brunch to party. Especially when some plan comes up out of the blue I like to be prepared. So I am going to tell you guys the trick I composed with me all the time =).

First thing here is I keep two things really basic my top and high waist bottom skirt (yes it’s sassy) but I don’t mind wearing it and carry around always 2 pair of shoes, flat and of course a heels or wedges, prefer wedges for the comfort and sexiness.