Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Za (Part of Shiseido) Launches in India

Za (part of Shiseido) launches the True White Range , it gives me a immense pleasure to review this product since I am big fan of all Shiseido's products. I had also tanned from my last vacation, as a result, going out during the day makes me want to protect my skin more. Fortunately my doorbell ring and I got the delivery of Za True White Day Cream , ever since then I have been using this product and and it works like a charm, read up for more details on this cream below.

Medium day cream to give moisture and clarity to the skin. Leaves skin feeling smooth, shields it from ultraviolet rays and daily environmental damage. 

SPF20 PA + +


A hot spring water based cream giving moisture and clarity to the skin. It inhibits melanin production inside the skin, promoting an even skin tone and removes blemishes from the skin surface

⇒ Formulated with Whitening 4MSK + Vitamin C derivative

Gently removes the dead corneal cells and gives clear skin

⇒Prism Enhancer

Promotes metabolism of the skin, and reduces skin-dullness

⇒Formulated with Vitamin E derivatives

SPF20 PA + + protects skin from UV rays

Moisture retention

Prevents water from evaporating from the cells to keep the skin moist

⇒SPA ingredients , White Lily extract

Allergy tested and acne control formula

Penetrates and blends into the skin quickly leaving a refreshing feeling without making your skin feel sticky. Comfortable to use before makeup.

Allergy tested and Non-comedogenic tested


As the final step of skincare, squeeze a moderate amount (about 0.6g) on your finger-tip, apply several dots on the face and spread gently from the center of the face towards the outside of the face.


Protect from direct sunlight and do not expose to high temperatures

Keep out of reach of children

Tighten the cap properly after use

Lotsa love,

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