Sunday, 16 September 2012

Glory of Hometown

As I spent my childhood and early teen here, I feel that immense connection in this J little place call Manipur. Far off in east of India, it’s a place where I escape every time I am bugged with city life. The sort of emotion I encounter whenever I am here – I just can’t explain it. I decided to troll around this city; interestingly I found so many traditional fashions which is absolutely stunning. Here people do not dress really like a westerner but yeaaa they do take little bit amount of J consideration on what they wear, they don’t buy the most expensive brands J but they do like things which looks good, mostly traditional though. The teen especially go to certain extend to try out anything and everything, tattoos, hair style, different shades, dress and so on. So many refreshing J memories, when I see these teenJ.

When I was in school I always wanted to dress up and down, and I actually did to some extend not so much chic lady like as I am nowJ (giggle for self compliment), it was more over like happy feeling dress-up J.But my father have been quite a selectorJ, I had worn leggings when I was in 2nd standard, a dangri when I was in 6th standard, high end knot booths when I was 12years old, printed dress and much more. My wardrobe was huge for a 12years old kid. Dad got me the best dress from wherever he travelled. His choice was awesome so was for mom, I remember when I used to shop with dad and mom in Calcutta (still used to this old name). My desire used to never end, I go crazy shopping and shoppingJ. I mean that’s the only One Thing which I wanted to do at that age, 9 yrs old and want clothes like a Hollywood star. My dilemma grew larger as my collection was unstoppable for the fact that I shared my wardrobe with my dear Mom, she gave me a limited shape (sigh) but that was again small for meL. When I demanded my own little space, mom thought I was in process of getting myself spoilt: P. Hmmm J but wasn’t that spoilt as expected.
Today’s blog is not so much about fashion I wanted to pen down my memories as I spent my holiday here, plus today’s picture are all Instagram with new technology up I like all the picture taken from my phone and all I have to do is filter them accordingly ….well I would say random choice of my heart. So today no brand label, enjoying my root and living up with all pride.