Sunday, 13 April 2014

DOC turns (◕‿◕) a BIG FAT "TWO"

Ensemble : ONLY(sponsored by Myntra) & Ni-Hao 
Photo by : Sartaj Tanweer Photography 

How time fly, DOC turns 2 and all I could wish is the happiness inside me be spread with you all. I have never thought this would take me so far, from this little girl who was scared & timid to face this world, finally one day mustered my courage and took the flight to fly freely not worrying about human's expectation. I had gone through most of the phases in a very short-period of time but something held me and I stood strong. The idea of being strong was not easy, you know faces of criticism started like I thought this was over in school/college days. My mind was naive and free from all this hassle of this world, somehow I learnt the art to handle both the world (I am still learning)

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" 

The experienced taught me so many thing, it was worth it. I would still look forward to women's empowerment for the fact that, I come from a town where "Restriction" is everywhere sometime you don't know where the hell it's firing from. I think I did my bit of standing tall and facing, what I thought was very tedious. 
By now, I am content of what I have achieved, I started as a fashion blogger but latter on I was involved in lifestyle and beauty categories. I will expand my sector in different zone of fashion and many more. Keep supporting and tons of thanks to you all out there (my reader), PR agents, Brands (who collaborated with me), events ( I attended almost all the major event in this city)....... Thank You !!


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