Sunday, 16 December 2012

The right feeling

In this real world – defining certain things has become so complicated.  I was really a confused character for a long time, before I actually knew this is what I wanted to be. So I never knew my tendency in anything, was deeply concerned about certain things which perhaps should not bother me at all. Now when I think of it,arghhhh such a waste of time. But I had to take in, to cherish this moment. I am welcoming everything in life :) . So I am really excited to meet up certain people who inspire me in their own little way like my own photographer, friends across the globe, siblings, love and of course my apple pies – nieces and nephews. As I was so happy since I found the “New Me”, we were out for whole new shoot.
 I am totally a classic person – my attire explains the whole meaning. Black and white :) some people say I have no colors addition in my life off recent, but yea what to do. When I find what I want in these colors, it’s so classic. But yea this is fall – A/W :) so I will portray a lot of my character in such colors which is me and yet I am comfortable wearing it. Not at all necessary that it has to be always black or white, it can be some other color as well:).
Since my dress is classic – I wanted this time to be at a more fun place, so got one and the shoot began … Lliaan took as many as he could. I don’t look good immediately in all the pics ( well nobody does). We had this shoot at one of the high – end places in this city – Bangalore. Trust me I don’t have to layer too many clothes living in this city, wind is chill but still manageable. It’s like more fun :) , to create this look all I did is plain make up , my pink lip color and add on accessories. And there I go, all ready and set, do enjoy this look.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fashion Divas raining !!

Woopathon happened to my city – Bangalore, it was an event for all the fashion blogger in the city:). I arrived pretty late;) –damn but soon catch on many things. The first store Avirate, was a combination of clothing-line, shoes, nightwear and accessories line. I like the clothing line very much, very chic but I end up picking up shoes, with my voucher of course.A very stylish nude pump – been in love, so presh!! It was all fun evening with so many fashion diva around.
We quickly move to the second store The Leather Boutique TLB located in one of the cutest location in Indiranagar-Bangalore. A warm welcome over champagne and then lots of talk on the products line, the owner gave quite a few info on the products and details on many other things, which for me was a learning path. Since for me "Leather" means LEATHER - just another fabric. Never knew so close on their detailing. A eye-opening - it's good to know. 
I had quite a fun there; I catch up a lot with other fashion blogger. It was quite interesting we all were under one roof sharing about fashion, talking about our looks, shopping places and so on. We left that place with a gift from the store =) a small leather pouch, it was really cute piece. I got a mint color as well which is like icing on the cake.
The evening session was wind up with brunch:), couple of us exchange few words and later connected as well. This event eventually brought us all together from different places connected in one forum – Wooplr did a wonderful job on this:). Must say what a show these guys have full off ;)


Friday, 23 November 2012

Evening dreams

Evening dreams

Ever heard about evening dreams? Well quite frequently it occurs to me post to long hectic week days. May be this is one of the dream I rejuvenate myself being “Me”, I forget who I was in past 5 working days yea the professional me. I just love the fact that I don’t have any meetings to attend nor face management in wee hour, sounds like a small girl is complaining about regular school life. Well everything is the same, just that those days I was dependent on certain external factor now I am more independent.  Thinking about this I should be happier, so I thought I will spend my evening meeting new people, travelling and much more on my passion for writing, posing, blogs, photography etc.

This young Mizo guy – hailed from Manipur, we met to work on something which is achievable and passion driven. All this pics are not lesser than nice dreams.The first time I pronounced his name – he corrected me very warmly like real gentleman – it’s not Lion – its Lillain. Thank god he didn't mind on the first place. All these beautiful pictures are credited by him through his defined lens and art of photography.

Fulfillment of wishes is a package of happiness >) thank you my angel !!! 

                                                           Photos byLallian Valte

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Its my Birthday !!!

My Birthday !!

23rd September,  woohooo its my birthday. Little did I know, it was amazing, not that I got to dress one of my Forever New dress. One of the reason was I had my besties around me my friends, sister and bro. Mom and Dad was badly missed >(. I like the whole arrangement done by my friend, from selecting the venue and the cake, deliciously the cake was so yum and the venue was cozy with good music.

Birthday are one of those day where I enjoy a lot and be proud of who I am till now, it was break away from my hectic work scheduled as well. All my birthdays has been terrific, I missed all my old friends, siblings, cousins and my not so good friends. But yea I will never stop enjoying and celebrating the person I am today, thank god I was born >). Ahem before my readers get really bored I will divert into sightseeing my adorable not so classy pictures.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Glory of Hometown

As I spent my childhood and early teen here, I feel that immense connection in this J little place call Manipur. Far off in east of India, it’s a place where I escape every time I am bugged with city life. The sort of emotion I encounter whenever I am here – I just can’t explain it. I decided to troll around this city; interestingly I found so many traditional fashions which is absolutely stunning. Here people do not dress really like a westerner but yeaaa they do take little bit amount of J consideration on what they wear, they don’t buy the most expensive brands J but they do like things which looks good, mostly traditional though. The teen especially go to certain extend to try out anything and everything, tattoos, hair style, different shades, dress and so on. So many refreshing J memories, when I see these teenJ.

When I was in school I always wanted to dress up and down, and I actually did to some extend not so much chic lady like as I am nowJ (giggle for self compliment), it was more over like happy feeling dress-up J.But my father have been quite a selectorJ, I had worn leggings when I was in 2nd standard, a dangri when I was in 6th standard, high end knot booths when I was 12years old, printed dress and much more. My wardrobe was huge for a 12years old kid. Dad got me the best dress from wherever he travelled. His choice was awesome so was for mom, I remember when I used to shop with dad and mom in Calcutta (still used to this old name). My desire used to never end, I go crazy shopping and shoppingJ. I mean that’s the only One Thing which I wanted to do at that age, 9 yrs old and want clothes like a Hollywood star. My dilemma grew larger as my collection was unstoppable for the fact that I shared my wardrobe with my dear Mom, she gave me a limited shape (sigh) but that was again small for meL. When I demanded my own little space, mom thought I was in process of getting myself spoilt: P. Hmmm J but wasn’t that spoilt as expected.
Today’s blog is not so much about fashion I wanted to pen down my memories as I spent my holiday here, plus today’s picture are all Instagram with new technology up I like all the picture taken from my phone and all I have to do is filter them accordingly ….well I would say random choice of my heart. So today no brand label, enjoying my root and living up with all pride.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Expression of myself

Colors can really change your mood; I carry bits of moods with my attire  ;)  and the combination. People think I play safe but I am classic in my own way. Off recent shopping sphere has made me satisfied and elated of my personally choice. How I have grown a lot in this past few years, with colors, fabric, design, vintage piece, street shopping collection, shoes, accessories and so on.
I still remember my likeness and choice was so limited due to my budget ;) , as a college goer  I was into street shopping didn’t fantasized much on big brands. But now as I earn and ready to spend in all Vava voom brands. 
It’s been mixed feeling of both the world, now I am better with time, place and situation so I can buy stuff which I like it. But have to agree, fashion has been all about individualism and expression. This doesn’t stop us anywhere, little did matter on what brand I focus on. It’s all about how I put up those dress which other feel – “thumbs down” or say “not happening” ;) .

P/S: I beg your pardon guys, my location is somehow the same every blog since its my one and only hot spot as of now(outside apartment).Its more like my comfort zone now, since indoor shoot doesn't have good impact on my pictures.Till i meet some magician please cop up with me;).

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I am stumble over tumblr

I get so high on beautiful pictures and photographs, ever since i knew tumblr  existence on this planet I have been quite a follower.
Today i need not write much since all the pictures will do the talking :). As you go through, you will get to know as in why i love doing what i do ;). Girls just wanna have fun, and why shouldn't.

Life is fair and good when i think of all this beautiful pictures.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Neon dancing with me, come along.

Neon dancing with me!
What a month it has been :) , from getting into my new job which is remarkable at this young age :) , where my counterpart is literally old  :)  giggle, not making fun though trust me. Then sales season I mean it’s such a good bargain for all my die-hard brands. First thing I do is I sign in almost all online store and memberships in all possible stores out here in Bangalore. So I get my first handpicked, this makes me more happy.

In sales, the rule is “First come first take away”, yeah indeed you get your sizes, colors, prints, shape and so much more. So you need to be right out that door, when they announced the BIG BANG WORD – SALE. From the tick tock of my watch to every message I get through my electronic medium I am in my go on mode. Hit the Shack with my card, just pick up my favorite  and best oneJ and be happy like for almost a quarter.

I picked up almost everything, but this Neon – top cum dress took me in another world. Thank god, I saw this although not my size, but still I can wear this in any form. Felt like god has been kind on me. I cherish every time I put on this clumsy top cum dress. Thinking about colors splash, it can change a dull mood I mean it has so much fun wearing this, youth on my side, style upgraded, over all iconic theme for this whole season :) . While I did this shoot all I felt, damn I am a Diva – born to shaking up boredom out of me :) . Life is still good and happy with all Neon-nism around Me. Yeah the D-Diva is born and she is happy with all color changing every time she buys new attire :) .I have lots of work still I am taking off some time to share my passionate work in my own dream fashion world with a little touch of being classic  :) .

Monday, 9 July 2012

Lets take a walk.

The season has been so soothing after hot weather in this part of world. Well you will know what I am referring to, if you happened to be a resident in India’s major cities. Be it Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai or my own city Bangalore (which comparatively is quite nice). After long summer, monsoon started and its awesome, cooling down the temperature and letting me pull out some of my essential cotton blazer.

I am extra in love with this blazer ever since I got them last year; it’s like my girlfriend who never leaves me alone when I need them. Seriously suits best wherever it’s required, gosh hardly goes wrong anywhere until I am standing under hot roof :) . Not quite fascinating but I love it  :)  everywhere. I know I am bit in exaggeration of my own words, (giggle) but that’s ok sometime knowing the fact, it just makes me look million dollar every time I put on ;) . Yay baby!!!!

Evening became more fun with this look, with some coffee meet up.

Such a joyous day :)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nature Softness

Like to take you miles with me,
Like to hold you like no one ever did,
Strength and weakness has all become a routine, but I feel, you in me just makes me go on.
Stumble thousands time, dragged many as I can count, but all I see is a star so bright.
Is that I should do?
Lost in mist of soul alone one can never give up in this turmoil game of “life”.
I stand by just for the better “Me” if not better tomorrow.
Down the lane I see myself with hidden emotion and strange feelings.
Where am I to be going in no man’s land …….
Speech of utter thought makes me frighten to be giving out to the world.
When darkness seems never ending…..
There is always a flip side.
Oh the soft me!
Thousands miles before I walk ….
All I sink is in your softness ……

Saturday, 30 June 2012

dress turn into skirt....

Ever imagine why we need to learn the art of fashion, or get mused by?

Strangely enough there is more in fashion then just spotting an outfit that’s what I believe.  There was a time when I used to get so confused about my dresses :(, what I should do with the old one, then new one add up. It kills me even to think that I need to depart from my soul (dramatic me) I am referring here to my clothes. Because I love all my belongings and would love to wear it time and again, so many time we have this messed up mind of what to do.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, long breathe and deep thought.

Let’s get started, I don’t really want to throw off my stuff or be in dilemma, of spotting the outfit… you know guys it’s quite a Task. Especially for girl like me, I mean I ain’t a celebrity to just go for one look one outfit all the time. Fashion is all about creating trend and making most when I have fewer things to decide on. Does it make sense?

Of course it does…..

I mean I want to be fashionable still use my clothes like real fashion diva, like once Coco Chanel said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”. Just think out of the box, this one is going to be interesting and very much my mark of lifting up the new meaning of dressing.

I have this beautiful short dress which I admire a lot for the fact that it’s so babyiiisssh plus the design is too cute to ignore :P , got it from a very random store. I love the old school fashion, like a shirt beneath the dress with cute bow. Feels like I am back to my high school days. I wear, just as a dress - shedding the shirt and yea ready to rock at beaches underneath my Bikini. Later on I decided to make this dress as my cute skirt :P .

Monday, 25 June 2012

My gifts !!

I have been the luckiest girl……the reason to be happy doesn’t seem to end after all the tug of war. My bf living in State decided to gift me few things, I was really thrilled the moment he dropped with this amazing dress and tops from one of his favorite brand Hollister. I mean fabric was awesome, texture was so appealing, fitting was like “It was custom made for ME”, the perfect combo. I never knew he would get me something which is so my style, laid back and still very much girly. Imagine, these are things which makes me light – up and be so happy about. Gifts perfectly wrap with my choice given by someone who is little aware of my choice.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The bow tie

The Bow tie – Me up around my neck ( ❤ ↖(^ω^)↗ ❤ )

Do you ever want to know who invented something so cute like “Bow “?
I am really curious so I went ahead with this little statement which was worn one time for formal dinner and limited to male, now going global and has set so many fashionable trends. Each time I see the increment of this style statement it’s so awesome, since I prefer “The Little Me Boy “ look when I am bored and tired with my girlish attire.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

the simple posh girl !

What it takes to be you? Sound so easy but think about it some time we get lost in this whole illusion world of competition. While I was with parents a little brat was always taught to be disciplined, used to be like there is no other way. Progression towards life became clearer day by day; I started dreaming more and wanted to live life like never before. Some of the fact was I got wings to fly high and score.

Coming from a traditional family and surrounding was little adjustment but thankfully my father let me rejoice my dreams and hope. I started living like a Star, dad used to buy me all trendy cloths. I never use shop by myself till I turned 16teen, all my attire was gifted by dad and mom. I used to demand all in trend stuff and there was no way I won’t get it. I have never failed to live – up with my passion of cloths and then when I was departed for my further studies, I remember my Shillong days, where I didn’t like to be so away from my parents. As usual my parents were busy didn’t understand lots of mishap happened.

I was sent away more further but this time geographical and emotional.  But I found a new place, new faces, new friends, new language oh yes everything was “New”. This time I didn’t take much time to settle down I was ready and prepared =). Studies were main focus but my priority has to be always different, boys’ topic became really more excited there was no one to question me. Living life on the edge as young teen wonderful moments that’s all I carried forward.

 Slowly I started shedding the timid “Me” I didn’t know I was going to be change so much. Vacation time, I always use to be living up all over again, got to know more this time why as a kid we wait for vacation glory. The homely part - I always get me back with my loved ones. And whenever I had to return back to hostel, there was those sleepless nights crying over my pillow. Nothing was easy but the age was a Big Trick I never took anything serious from studies to what my vision is like for next few years. Countless enough I see a soul support my dad and mom.

I left a person behind and I move on to be this young girl with lots of passion, my goal became very clear as I learned path are always difficult. Failures struck many time but taking time not to give up makes me smile always, no matter how bad was the last fall. My sensitive became my strength - to be more careful towards people who care about me even i was not that close, relation was grumpy sometime but taught me there is always a new love and new man. My willingness to work hard for my passion became a set goal, don’t know how I climbed those ladder but sure do I will climb step by step till I reach. I became more forgiving in this whole journey I met some, kept it and left some. I am still the little posh girl now who has grown up a lot and carrying all the deeds which will make me go forward in life.

The quality part is, I am posh and still going further with my dream of blogging, its a sort of diary now where I write about self evolving apart from just posing. Ain't so cool huh! who thought I would be blogging someday.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Let my nails do the talking

Nail art has come long way, I love decorating my nail with new style it’s just so gorgeous. It started when I was in school; we used to carry all shades of colors and try out all possible color =) though I was in convent school as longest as I can remember. Pretty strict with certain rules, but rules are meant to be broken. So the passion has forward over the period of time and nails art has been interestingly change vastly. From floral prints, polka dots, pearls, stripes, sequins, moon shape and so on. Off recently I am love with Peter Pan collar statement even at nails art. I mean there are so many designs and style which people are carrying its simple amazing how our little nails has style statement.

Monday, 28 May 2012

am TO pm

Really excited while I was doing this look, since I am hell of a woman about looking chic but sometime life gets too busy, work to brunch, brunch to party. Especially when some plan comes up out of the blue I like to be prepared. So I am going to tell you guys the trick I composed with me all the time =).

First thing here is I keep two things really basic my top and high waist bottom skirt (yes it’s sassy) but I don’t mind wearing it and carry around always 2 pair of shoes, flat and of course a heels or wedges, prefer wedges for the comfort and sexiness.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Prints - Lets block it !

It’s so amusing, the culture of fashion. Inspiration is one thing that takes me to this direction, I want to live like an African Girl surrounded by Safari, an American all time sweetheart, European sophisticated lady, the exotic Indian girl, and the ever green mesmerizing beauty like geisha, wow …I am never ending ! So I dress sometime to feel like those girls and women, this gives me a happy feeling being in their shoes

As I feel little romantic today I decided to do Prints – blocking , more fun I would say, it’s about the right choice and let me show you how I went so far. My top has been a white printed one very lady like and very precious (one reason being my sister gave me) and the skirt, very flirty with lots of layer more with bright colors mixed.  It’s accentuated by large black belt to give that blocking between my top and skirt. Feminine is the right word, finished – up with some accessories, slight reddish lips and my flat ballerina.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fairy tale!!

Well my dress, today as been inspired from fairytales stories, like Cinderella, Show White and so on. I have been always into fairytales story reading, every time I see any movies which are bit of fairytale I am completely involved in the character, trying to be in the skin. Hence I always keep a classic white dress (not the gown types) but you know much more into knee length, a touch of lace work and hands embroidery. Awww it’s so magical even to wear them, this takes me into different heights of enjoyment. Though I am not a Princess I feel like one ahem.