Monday, 25 June 2012

My gifts !!

I have been the luckiest girl……the reason to be happy doesn’t seem to end after all the tug of war. My bf living in State decided to gift me few things, I was really thrilled the moment he dropped with this amazing dress and tops from one of his favorite brand Hollister. I mean fabric was awesome, texture was so appealing, fitting was like “It was custom made for ME”, the perfect combo. I never knew he would get me something which is so my style, laid back and still very much girly. Imagine, these are things which makes me light – up and be so happy about. Gifts perfectly wrap with my choice given by someone who is little aware of my choice.

I started to think where I can high light this beautiful attire, well I can wear them everywhere being the fact that it’s fun, stylish, preppy and so on. But this will actually suit a lot with a lunch date, brunch, hang – out, casual client meet-up, etc…. So let me show you how I manage to pull this floral baby doll dress.

Firstly I lived in a city (Bangalore – India) where I can’t just walk down with this cute tube dress and flaunt it everywhere. I don’t need extra attention from unnecessary people simple fact (sigh). So before I step out I decided I should wear something on top which will compliment the entire look. So I thought I should go with a cardigan which was also gifted.

Why I choose this white ruffle lace cardigan:
  • ·         It’s not too short in length.
  • ·         Its gives the angelic look.
  • ·         Perfectly fitted in size.
  • ·         It doesn’t overshadow the dress rather it gives hand in hand compliment.

 Voila! was so happy to see the outcome of the whole look, it’s not over the top quite simple and so chic. The best part is I am happy flaunting it, when I reach the place I can take off the cardigan if the weather is not so chill. Then wear it back, way back home, a simple remedy of fashion in city like this. It’s the safest city in India to carry whatever fashion I want but like I said I don’t like attracting unwanted attention so I keep it underneath. Be Fashionable and sensuous. This is how I accumulate my fashion diary.I can’t stay without being stylish but in my own simple way. 

To complete the look I add a bright large clutch and a nude wedges and my fish cuff with green bead.

             Thanks for Reading !!

Gia XO 

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