Saturday, 30 June 2012

dress turn into skirt....

Ever imagine why we need to learn the art of fashion, or get mused by?

Strangely enough there is more in fashion then just spotting an outfit that’s what I believe.  There was a time when I used to get so confused about my dresses :(, what I should do with the old one, then new one add up. It kills me even to think that I need to depart from my soul (dramatic me) I am referring here to my clothes. Because I love all my belongings and would love to wear it time and again, so many time we have this messed up mind of what to do.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, long breathe and deep thought.

Let’s get started, I don’t really want to throw off my stuff or be in dilemma, of spotting the outfit… you know guys it’s quite a Task. Especially for girl like me, I mean I ain’t a celebrity to just go for one look one outfit all the time. Fashion is all about creating trend and making most when I have fewer things to decide on. Does it make sense?

Of course it does…..

I mean I want to be fashionable still use my clothes like real fashion diva, like once Coco Chanel said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”. Just think out of the box, this one is going to be interesting and very much my mark of lifting up the new meaning of dressing.

I have this beautiful short dress which I admire a lot for the fact that it’s so babyiiisssh plus the design is too cute to ignore :P , got it from a very random store. I love the old school fashion, like a shirt beneath the dress with cute bow. Feels like I am back to my high school days. I wear, just as a dress - shedding the shirt and yea ready to rock at beaches underneath my Bikini. Later on I decided to make this dress as my cute skirt :P .

So basically what I did is pull down the dress till my waist, tugging in the upper part of the dress and made it high waist skirt with a belt on it (P.S must buckle up  :P  it’s a safety measure to avoid any wardrobe malfunction). Well I was flaunting this skirt everywhere, and nobody knew the secret of this fitted skirt :P  .
I joyously do this little DIY every now and then, it just bring out the best in all my attire :P , mantra is just keep experimenting …. Sometime I may go wrong but what’s the fun like….if I never failed :P .  I love the inner talk in me, keeps telling me “JUST DO IT” even when I am hell bend scared  :( …….

Hope all you fashion lover enjoy this :P

                      Thanks for Reading !!



Sujala Newar said...

What a transformation i must say.! The skirt looks great.!

DashOfClassic said...

hey Sujala thx so much =)