Saturday, 21 July 2012

Black on black ensemble !

Black on black ensemble

I don't think I can ever let go of few colors in my life, the whole black color layers dress. Black upon black, that’s what I am so interested in. The whole traditional thing doesn’t approve much on black, being said it’s not the auspicious color. My Grand mom especially she never used to permit anyone in the house to let it adorn by any black attire. But soon change came when I started to have more inclination towards this dark, gothic – black I am, it amazed me sometime thinking what a Black color can do to all shaped women.  Of all it just makes a woman mysteriously beautiful under those dark layer. My mom doesn’t quite approve this color, religion superstition. But when I am not with her, I wear black all the time.

Ok there is no way; anyone can ignore the black beauty. The charm and the power of so call beautiful layer of black has so much  to think about it;). Head – turner of course, mysteriously wicked, allure the man, I am just running out of words  :).
More than words, let’s just give the credit to this color for being timeless, scintillating and of course word of man “stunning”.
Let’s go mysterious ;)girls…….

Just got 2 pictures guys, hope you guys like it

So i decided  to upload this video 
So smooth and nice, hope you guys 
like it, its a song by Bombay Bicycle Club-You already know


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Gia always with Dash Of Classic
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