Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fairy tale!!

Well my dress, today as been inspired from fairytales stories, like Cinderella, Show White and so on. I have been always into fairytales story reading, every time I see any movies which are bit of fairytale I am completely involved in the character, trying to be in the skin. Hence I always keep a classic white dress (not the gown types) but you know much more into knee length, a touch of lace work and hands embroidery. Awww it’s so magical even to wear them, this takes me into different heights of enjoyment. Though I am not a Princess I feel like one ahem.

A white dress can be for any occasion, be it that brunch meet up with girl friends or going for a date. I must tell you guys, I have white color fetish as well, there was a time when I just picked up anything which is white, but yes off recent my color choice has improve =) . But any day I can pull off white dress given me any occasion because it makes me look elegant and yet so simple.  My father is adorable when it comes to my dressing, he would all the time  tell me how beautiful I look in my white dress =) one reason he keep telling me whenever we go out for a party , he just want to avoid all my loud dress when it comes to meeting his friends not that he minds.  
But whatever it takes, I love my fairy tale ride and the immense pleasure to feel like a Princess …. I should be waiting for my Prince charming (giggle) and would love to tumble over him, fall in love at first glance and then lived happily ever after.

Well fashion exist everywhere even in our fairy tales story books =)

          Thanks for Reading !!

Sweet fairytale

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