Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Max road trip to Paris

Ensemble : max
MUA : Anu Philips
Art Direction : Anu & Gia
Styling : Gia Haobam

Hold on guys, I know this look is very coachella but I feel like going to some music festival and showing off these easy breezy attire. Yet another happy mood since I am back again with max, this time styling their 2015 spring summer collection for #roadtriptoparis. I love prints, graphics and lace and what better way to team up all in one, its very breezy and totally my type for any concert or a day outing with my friends.

By now you guys must have known that I am taking part in this max streetstyle lookbook which is officially a ticket to land myself in Paris. So each and everyone of you out there, here is the time to support me countlessly for this opportunity and help me win the contest. So how will I get my brownie points by helping me like my pictures across my FB Page ( Dash Of Classic ) and Instagram , I hope you guys will love this look since I am absolutely smitten with this little touch of boho yet fun mixed and match combo.

Thanks for stopping by and let's make my dream come true.........


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