Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spring Summer - Affair

I couldn't be happier to see the street with flowers and trees blooming and adding colors. Summer is always fun for me, essentially bcoz I can wear lots of white. I have this huge crush on white and black, half of my wardrobe is filled with these monochrome shades and I am not ashamed to deny.

Today I decided to style a basic white tank top which I picked up randomly from a street vendor and to show how effectively classy and chic one can look. I paired them with a wash-out ripped jeans (Forever21)  and a long lace cardigan (very breezy and comfortable). To complete the look all I had to do is add-on some cool accessories ( Accessorize) and  neutralize the look with a vertical stripe neon sling bag ( again, street vendor )

This look was shot on my way to a business meeting, must say client was happy to see me pulling off this look.

Till next time, Mua

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