Monday, 26 May 2014

The Mermaid

Photo by | Sartaj Tanweer Photography |
Wearing | Top & Skirt - Vintage, Swimming Suit - amante |

When I was a kid all I thought about was, Mermaid do they ever exist ? Nevertheless, I end up watching "The Little Mermaid", the fictional character Ariel had attracted me so much that I wanted to swim through those ocean and lived under. Those world completely mesmerized me at one point. One afternoon, my photographer approached me saying, let's try underwater shoot. I was thrilled at same time scared to core, I mean all my life I thought of being that character at least for a day and now all I had questions myself was " Will I make it" ?

Finally the shoot day arrived and I wasn't prepare. I pull up my collar and said to myself, this is absolutely new, let's try it. Oh, boy I did drown and struggled as much as possible. But the reflection of all the pictures made me very proud, I would thank my guts for trying this out .

Hope you guys like the pictures.

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