Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hold on

Photo by Lallian Valte |
Wearing | A Manipuri Meitei Community Ensemble |

Had I been not so busy I would have blog this long time ago, this look created a wave for me. Have been featured and talked about this look, read it here. The divine feeling about this look is, it’s my traditional ensemble. Yes, I belong to a community called meitei and this is one of the common ensemble  worn in wedding, reception and many other ceremony in Manipur particularly for this community. 

If you look back to history, the charm of how this ensemble was worn remain the same. Except for the designs, as their are so many talented designer now the pattern, colors and prints are more. 

During my school and college days, my Southern teacher used to craved for Manipuri Saree and used to order whenever I go back for vacation. Back then, I didn’t realised how rich the attire would stand out but now I have pride each time I wear it. 

I just wanted to share my bit and piece of love for this rich ensemble which is a beauty in itself. I would show case more of this look in coming future.

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