Friday, 23 May 2014

Hug it & Love it

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The last few months I have been experiencing a lot on health and nutrition factor. I’ve always loved the topic of health since I faced weight fluctuation time to time. I go through the same thing which rest of the young teenager/adults do - the biggest epidemics their body issues. But I also happened to come from a region where we have fair body type. So today let me enlighten this body type of the eastern region from India.

I hailed from a place call Manipur, where lifestyle are pretty simple and away from city lifestyle of clubbing, brunching, lunching or even late nights parties. Men and women doesn’t age that fast until they want too in the sense if they don't take care of their diets, food habits and so on. Most of the household follow a very strict discipline, since day-time and evening are the most precious timing. It’s more like those birds, they fly around from morning till early evening and go back home at night.

I didn't grow up much at Manipur but always go back and forth when city life bugged me to core. I always need that root support and simplicity to be grounded. 
The reality is, I should feel amazing! I understood an important factor why people in this region also live a good and healthy life. Some of the factor are below :
  1. Food habits - people do have boiled vegetables as one of the curry, not fried or oily.
  2. Custom to a good sleeping cycle, waking up at morning around 5 to 6 AM and sleep at around 10 to 11.30 PM
  3. People here do their own work, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning the house, doing dishes and so much more so practical it becomes one of those physical activities which your body needs. Trust me its much better than gym’ ing. 
  4. My community people Meitei are mostly vegetarian and dish a lot on green vegetables.
  5. Most of them have their own farm or small garden, so yes plant your own vegetables and have it. Yes, the so call organic food and trust me its not expensive at all.
The above mentioned things, one must be thinking in this rush hour of city, this is not possible. I would say taking extra 2 hours to be healthy won't harm anything and it’s always good to be safer side than to be sorry.

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