Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lil Princess

 Photo by : Sartaj Tanweer Photography 
Wearing : Avirate, Myntra (Gown), Rosabelle Treasures, Forever21.

I had this love and hate relation with Jewellery. Ah ! where do I start from, while growing up I had bad reaction every time I worn an artificial jewellery. So, I had to opt for mostly, gold, silver or platinum in most of the occasion. But the fact is I have grown up in a family where gold is the main business, yes my granny (paternal) she used to run a business  (goldsmith). Design & jewellery was part of my regular life. All I used to wonder was, does wearing one of those make any difference ? 

As I grow, I understood it does make lots of difference. A woman appearance does change a lot. It gives that little sparkle on the whole look or it’s simply elegant. And yes my bad reaction fade away gradually and now here I am, having the privileged to wear what I want to after waiting for years.  And I truly believed Jewellery is part of woman’s life. 

"Jewellery takes people's minds off your wrinkles".