Thursday, 13 February 2014

Of Star and Kisses

A very happy Valentine's day to all you beautiful people out there.
Today is the day for celebration for love, I never got to celebrate Valentine's day properly. Numerous reason but Valentine's day always fascinated me, yea totally. I am die hard romantic person, I cry for all those romantic Yash Raj's movies, those Korean love story and Hollywood is no exception. Miles before I sleep I wanted those magical moments and words…..luckily enough I got the chance this year to enjoy the special day and all thanks to my wonderful team . Indeed a charm to have such awesome people in my life. Things just came in my life when I expected the least and made it worthwhile. I am often asked what is that factor that you look into your bf, I really don't look for much, yes I really want to be comfortable enough to share my ugly days, bad days, happy days and so many other days. 

So yea I guess all that matter is being happy while I am with that person ! 

Love me more, always support me
Gia, x

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Murphy Leishangthem said...

OMG !!!
SO adorable

"A die hard ROmantic"
i never knew that