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Prestige the man store

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Being a female fashion blogger I never really felt the need to go and explore any men’s wear fashion house. I mean I always liked giving styling and fashion advice to men but I never went to a men’s wear store exclusively until the day I got an invite from Prestige The Man Store. I was completely mesmerized. It truly is a man’s store because I was treated like a real lady there starting right from the security guard till the Managing Director. No doubt this company has made such a huge name for itself in the market and beating it is a little difficult. 
The décor of the store is breathtaking. Being an interior designer myself, I keep a close look at each and every detailing , not only of the clothes but also of the ambience and the décor and I must say, I felt really good. I could just keep looking around. A one stop fashion house for men is a brilliant concept. I have not seen this anywhere else in India where a man could walk into the store and not think of going to shop anywhere else because Prestige has it all for them. Right from the inner wear, readymade, casuals to fine custom made suits. You could not ask for a better place and finally I had the opportunity to witness it myself. 
So here I was at Prestige The Man Store. The store sure knows how to give a luxurious treatment to it’s customers.

I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Noaman Razack, MD - Prestige the man store, to understand more on the well-built brand and more to the culture of menswear. I got in deep in conversation with all the questions I had in my mind.

GIA- It is such an honor to finally meet you. I was looking forward to this day. Thank You so much for having me here and taking out time from your busy schedule to talk to me.

Mr.Noaman Razack- Oh no you don't have to mention. We are happy to have you here. You are doing a great job and we are more than happy to be talking to you.

GIA- I have heard so much about this company, Prestige is everywhere. The whole of South India now knows this name. So tell me, how did it all start?

Mr.Noaman- It all started from this store. Prestige The Man store is the flagship store and from here we grew. It has been there for more than 55 years. It’s the love and support of our customers that has helped us to grow from retail to real estate and more.

GIA- Yes indeed. These days there are so many competitors in the market doing similar business. How do you cope up with that? What do you do to not let it affect your business?

Mr.Noaman- (Chuckle) We have no competition. Yes there are businesses doing similar things but what we have to offer to our clients is exclusive and you will not find it anywhere else in Bangalore. We treat our clients not like a customer but like our family. Once you come to Prestige The Man Store, you automatically become a part of it and I can bet that you will come over and over again and besides Bangalore is growing everyday and with that the demand is also increasing.

GIA- So Mr.Noaman, if I ask you to give me that one statement to a buyer who is visiting your store for the very first time and does not know what to buy, what would it be?

Mr.Noaman- I cannot give you one statement but I can ask you “who is it for”. Once I know that, then I can give you exactly what you want. My years of experience helps me to suggest outfits to people just by looking at their pictures. So if you tell me its for your Boyfriend or Husband , I would give you colors and if you tell me it’s for your father or uncle then I would suggest you to go for more basic looks. It really depends on who is going to wear it. Sometimes it also depends on the kind of person. For example, if a person is very jovial then I would suggest to go for little bright colored outfits which will project his personality and if a person is a bit serious one then wearing low toned colors would be a better option.

GIA- Now, the entire Bangalore knows that Prestige The Man Store excels in Made To Measure/ Bespoke tailoring. There is no other store that can provide the same tailoring service as this store does which is worth applauding. I myself have read about it in magazines and newspapers and even heard it on the radio. This store is a one stop destination for every man and I also know that you have a ready made men’s department as well, so what do you suggest men when they come here to get there outfits done? Go for ready made or tailor made?

Mr.Noaman- (Chuckle) If I can sum that up in one sentence I'd say “A man in hurry will go for ready made and a man with time in his hands will go for tailor made”. We do have an exclusive tailoring department with a very high quality service. We try to keep up to our customers expectations. So far we have not faced any issues and have had no complains and we hope in future it remains the same. We have the collection of some of India’s best tailors and I thank God for that. They are highly skillful and efficient. They are not only tailor to my clients but also fashion consultants. They know exactly what to do as soon as they see the client.

GIA- Thank you Mr.Razack. It was a pleasure talking to you. I am looking forward to coming to your store again and shop for my father.

Mr.Noaman- Your most welcome. Feel free to come in anytime. We will be more than happy.

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