Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Red, Haute and Blue by WENDELL RODRICKS

Taking inspiration from a musical tribute to Cole Porter with a new line of stars, Red, Haute and Blue is a celebration of fashion and the new blue packaging by Wendell Rodricks for Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 2013. Mixing hot tunes with hotter garments in an energizing color palette is the forte of the designer who mixes fabric and silhouette to create a youthful resort look perfect for the beach and Wendell Rodricks red carpet. Fuchsias, Oranges, Blues and Greens are blended with a delightful celebration and infused with gold. In keeping with his signature minimalist style, the Red, Haute and Blue collection for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2013 is true to the title of the collection in more ways than one.

Stimulated by a musical tribute to Cole Porter, done by a group of interesting people like Iggy Pop and Blondie, Wendell Rodricks’collection ‘Red, Haute and Blue’ is a festivity of that style. The inspiration for this collection comes from the new blue packaging,which Wendell has done for the Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 2013. The Designer Edition Pack is his tribute to the star artisans behind Blenders Pride Reserve Collection. The central form is the purest drop of gold, surrounded by Whisky that cascades into elegant silken drapes. On the occasion the designer said, “It’s a great pleasure to design the pack for such a coveted brand, synonymous with style & glamour, and in sync with my aesthetics. The Blenders Pride Reserve Collection limited edition exudes vibrancy with sparkling starbursts that adorn a majestic backdrop of regal blue.”

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