Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Black & its "Essence"

Let me talk about bullying, yea I find this one everywhere, someone doing it to some other. I thought it was more in high school, but no grown up people do too, it just that they act lil smarter and political. As a person I can't stand bullying, the other person might feel they have the strongest weapon beneath their "Mind" and "Tongue". I feel quite furious when such things are stretched beyond the limitation. So let me tell you something about the bullying or people trying to make you feel you are lesser or smaller than him/her or anyone. 
Bullying can be handled very maturely, we don't have to freak out on certain actions of theirs. But yes if those actions are too loud - escalate the matter. Do not hide and run away, it will let the other person feel so good about himself/herself. When this goes on repeatedly you will get to know one thing, the other person is too weak to be strong. Just don't change your frame of mind with the unwanted topics or comments made by these people, who love to see you stumble. 
We are all talented and beautiful in each of our own way, why do we have to give a chance  to other people to take away those precious things which has been wrapped with us when we were born. As I waited for the fashion show to unfold, this thought came up, of people being mean to one another and that breaks my heart sometime, on the other hand my photographer was experimenting with the lights and camera and showing me his clicks. I asked him why do you like Black and White pictures (I ain't fond of Black & White pictures), then he smiled and told me there is lots of beauty in it, he gave me his camera and asked me to try seeing the beauty in it. My mind answered those thousands ruffle questions, indeed we are all beautiful and its just that everyone might not see it. But don't stop believing, life is good and beautiful.  

                                                               Photo Credit : Lallian Valte 
Always stay beautiful,
xx DOC


Lallian Valte said...

beautiful words there.

Rupa said...

Love this pics...And yeah bullies are everywhere.especially at offices. And there are more number of female victims. It is just that these bullies have there own insecurities which they try to hide...

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DashOfClassic said...

You got it Lallian

DashOfClassic said...

Very true Rupa, I just wanna be vocal about these things. Thanks for your words & support