Friday, 9 August 2013

Let's go back to School

Let me tell you my love - hate relation with my schools, I did enjoy my schools days the most, I had a blast being in convent schools like forever. I don't remember not being in one till I graduated, I did came across various cultures. During those days I didn't understand  any of those languages the teachers used to interact with the students. All I thought was why me ? I mean I was rebellious by nature, so being strangled at that long island of all girls school made me so …. I am not even getting the right word. But yea the point is I was in a strict environment for the longest time, being taught to be on time, to be disciplined, mannerism and much more. I never liked my school uniform till my last day of school. I did break lots of rules and regulations, at one point I was like my golden years are getting over when all my classmate started dating. Thinking of it, thank god I didn't started dating that early. For me school was more of tiffin breaks, playing with friends, passing my homework books,less concentration and what not. Let me just zip my mouth, my school was fun only because of frenz and those crazii activities. Punishment was my another name, god knows what I would end up doing.
So today's pic is more about retrospecting my school days, not that I exactly use to dress this way. But some way, I miss my skirt,shirt,tie and blazer. I miss being called hey thats the "famous school" girls walking down. You know being in one of those top school always get some perk & attention, even if, I was not one of those topper.

              Wearing: Mango,VeroModa,Forever New,Styletag,Bow(random store),Paprika 
Love each and one of you

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