Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Grand Finale - Bangalore Fashion Week

                                                Arjun Khanna - BFW- Grand Finale 

The Grand Finale of Bangalore Fashion Week,I was pretty excited reason being I was going to see the menswear collection by Arjun Khanna. Yes, you guys got it right this would be my 1st ever mens collection fashion show.Arjun Khanna has been known for his menswear collection in this Industry, that royal look of sherwani and many more cocktail party attires for men. The show started off with models wearing royal sherwani and cocktail party Indian suits with the turban. To add a little bit of that spice : all the models were wearing moustache which complemented their outfits. 
The Show Stopper for the evening was Rahul Dev, it was such a delight to see this man walking down the ramp. 
Here are some pictures for the grand finale show.
                             Photo Credit : Lallian Valte 

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