Sunday, 14 July 2013

"European all the way"

My Dress from Myntra Haute Winner Contest

That feeling of being in some corner of Europe, I am getting the exact feel from this dress, which I got from StylePile for being the winner of Myntra Haute Contest held in the month of April.Things have been tough at my end, but all the sweet things coming in my life make me happy. You know, little things do matter. At this point I am just shedding away all the negative things, life needs a fresh gear and I am up and ready to just do what i love to do. While doing this shoot all I remember is my "happy face" which is very important in life.

With where i am today, I still feel bless rather than sulking in dusk and dawn of un-opened chapters. Life is mysterious as hell when it comes to expectations and relations, so I am taking control on that too, the component of being a wonderful person consists of a little bit of self realisation and hopefully I am going to put things in place.

Photo Credit : Garima Narula 

Dress: Femella, Shoes: Zara, Belt: Forever New, Bag: Random store, Pearl and gold bangle: Mom's gift 

Keep wishing me, 
Dash Of Classic
Gia ☀☀☀


Shelly said...

That peek-a-boo element at the back is taking all my attention. And the usual turquoise adds to the surprise.

Congratulations for winning the contest!

DashOfClassic said...

Hey Shelly, thank you so much :)

sanaya pandit said...

love the outfit. so classy.

hope you visit my page too:)
would love to follow on fb, what do you say?

DashOfClassic said...

Sanaya tysm, definitely we can do that :)....happy blogging xx

Anusha Rai said...

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