Friday, 19 July 2013

Pattern Fashion

Pattern & Colors

Every bit of me is "fashion", these days I have been so involved in art, lifestyle and fashion perpetually this is going to be with me. I started to focus more on colors, I am still trying to come out of my "Black & White" love. It came to a point where, my fellas were like "let's get going to some other colors, and love them like it's been born for you".My wardrobe was followed by prints,colors,pattern - now I am just happy.

When I discovered the luxury side of the colors & pattern world, I was indeed glad that I took my baby step. Now I am more confident and my self esteem has been in good position (giggle). I don't know for what reason I was playing safe, but eventually I am taking a whole new adventure of doing what I love to do.I think, we should experiment the most where we have this "Big Fear" factor.  

Love DOC,
Keep Loving xx


Loveplaying dressup said...

love ur style..
and true - that we should take fashion risks and leaps..

i started blogging recently ...
hope you visit sometime..:)


DashOfClassic said...

:) thank you NG, I will do follow your blogspot