Sunday, 16 June 2013

Design that smitten me

My Interior Love 

I am so smitten by the interior part of lifestyle as well, yea most of the people think "all the Fashion Bloggers seems to be quite connected with all sort of lifestyle". Anyways, I prefer looking at it this way - style means every aspect, be it apparels, accessories, cosmetic or even our own little comfort of living.
My father has this mini library at home, when I was a kid I used to stroll around those corners within the house. I kind of like it, the decor of the book section specially. I used to imagine a lot and wished a dream of -  me living in such a home, with that design, colors, master bedroom, jacuzzi. I was most influenced by the Western and European sort of decor. Recently I have started to look more and beyond that wanting to structure couple of the design ideas for my home. Where in my family is busy extending new side of the house. As they are busy with the decor, a sudden gust came inside me with all the collection I have, so thought today I will share with you guys my relative side - of Interior Love.

Keep loving the pictures, 
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Dash Of Classic


Agata muffliato said...

wow! what a beautiful rooms <3

I follow you via GFC.
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Have a nice day xoxo

DashOfClassic said...

Sure lets do that :) Agata xx