Saturday, 9 February 2013

I Heart Valentine !

Just 4 days to hit V-day at this side of the world, sounds bit quintessential but oh boy, people do love to celebrate the occasion of being in love, being loved and being special.

The flow structure of any love story is beautiful irrespective of its final cut. Every body has their own story to be told, that little magical feeling and words play lots of trick inside anyone's mind. Never the less, Valentine is always cheerful, nice,dinner night,awesomeness, drinks and so on. It makes that ONE DAY look so red throught the world in the eyes of the beholder and is so wonderful. 

As I am going to celebrate one of those moment (hold) yea I am incredibly excited not that I have a date but yea I am going to make sure I spread love and kindness. 

This look is mixture of sirens beauty (why):

Top - The embellishment is very pretty with the combinations of small pearl and beads. I quite like it when I saw the first time, all I thought was - its calling me to buy it, wear it and flaunt it.

Pant - Its a sheer black pant design with a floral touch,it gives that illusive look of wearing some suede pants but its not. Fitting is superb and sometime in future I will show you how to wear causals with this pant. 

Shoes - I kept a neutral tone pump to highlight more on my outfit.

I didn't adorn myself with accessories much, the top itself has more of that look.

                                    Photos : Lallian Valte

Blouse - Mark & Spencer, Shoes - Avirate India, Pant - Promod and Accessories Vintage

Thanks for reading 

XO, Gia !!


Rupa said...

Nice top...

DashOfClassic said...

Thank u <3