Monday, 18 February 2013

Tribal Prints Trend Still On

                                                 Photos : Lallian Valte

Last year tribal prints was huge hit. We have seen them on run away (Michael Kors maxi dresses), celebrities, shoes, nail art, bags, jewellery, dresses, skirt, top and many more.

 The luxury part is that its still one of the most Top Trend of this year. This print is collectively very bold, funky and yet expressive. Tribal prints have been a statement - it looks good for every size .I have this huge fetish towards tribal prints and it’s still going on inside my mind, brain, heart.........Good Lord name it – It’s EVERYWHERE. The trend is such a strong element, it consist of graphics mixed, prints, safari looks, it’s whimsical, hipster – I am actually running out of words. 

Among all I love tribal prints on Nails (not that I know how to do it) but I find the statement is so chic and very stylish,I also love it on shoes it is really an eye-catcher and is appealing - it gives you that "hey I am bold" - LOOK. I have this collection of tribal prints. We need to all add on this to our wardrobes this year and also learn as to how we can give that tribal touch to our garments.

It's really amazing with various kinds of prints - wear it till it says I am fashion with you.

The touch in denim 

Power of Prints 

Photos : Lallian Valte 

Skirt - Forever21 Top - Random store Shoes - Avirate India

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Rhea said...

Love your skirt! <3

DashOfClassic said...

Thank you Rhea <3 :*

SUGAR LANE said...

cool skirt!

DashOfClassic said...

Thanks so much :) @sugar lane