Monday, 16 June 2014


Photo by | Lallian Valte |
Wearing | ForeverNew, Claire, Zara, Vintage Jewellery |

While Summer is pretty on longer duration, yea I travelled so much this time and heat was just killing me. Then I fall out often (arghhhh) anyways I am back in town just to realise I have so much of work to do. So excited at same time jet lag and you won't believed me it last for week but still recovering. How I wish to have a magic wand and things to be done my way (chuckle).

I won't occupy you guys much with my story instead enjoy this pictures, when I see this picture all I think of is nice brunch, well I had worn this when I met Rahul Khanna at one of the event. So, yea LWD (little white dress) is not restrictive yet elegant.

Happy weekdays,

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