Friday, 13 December 2013

" I belong here "

It's been quite a while I haven't pamper myself enough or gone for a break. Sometime city life gets into my nerves, have been working continuously without any break almost like 24/7 , day and night ! phew…. So randomly my plan to take off to Beach came up. In India, ideally it is very realistic time to soak up in the sun and relax, coz here we still have that lil summer. While packing, I kept in mind what exactly I need over there for the next few days. I wanted to do outfit shoot (workaholic takes me over), yes the beach - look and more fun things to document. 
The place where I stayed was a really calm place, this place is famous for tourist. The day I reached, I was superb exhausted just to get some Ayurvedic Spa Massage, get relief from the travel's pain. 
Quickly after freshening up, me and bf didn't waste much time ….. we explore the places, he knew the places well. Even I was more hunting down to know more, experimenting my holiday escape to the land of serenity and calmness. We spotted some locations, where in we decided to do some photo-shoot. Glad, I visited this beach this made me more closer to nature and humanity….. my mind was all freshened up.  

Ensemble : Splash, Forever New, Lulu's, random store (bikini, romper and denim shirt from Goa)

Thanks for Reading,
x Gia 

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