Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dash Of Classic - interaction with Ranadeva!!

Inspirations has no boundaries,those meticulous thoughts,ideas normally guiding and fetching the realism of our dream.It was my privileged to get to know more about Rajkumar Ranadeva Singh,a fashion photogarpher based out in France,Paris. I had little interactive session with this man who is a budding artist and is set all the way to achieved his dream.

1. What inspired you to start photography?
Being born to a father whose heart lies in the beauty of nature and its wildlife, I was exposed to cameras from an early age. Taking pictures was a very exciting thing right from my childhood. Then back in 2010, I borrowed my cousinʼs camera and I went for a monthʼs vacation in Ladakh. 
That one month changed everything. I came to know what I want to do for the rest of my life.
The film, L'année dernière a Marienbad, by Alain Resnais is one of my greatest inspirations.

2. Do you call yourself a fashion photographer, if yes why ?
Thatʼs an easy one to answer, haha. 
Yes, because thatʼs what I do and thatʼs what I love to do.

3. How did you break the mainstream of a society where people generally strive for safer 
jobs and lifestyle?
I have never thought of it, in that way. Well, I have always been drawn towards the creative side. For a moment I was writing and had hoped to become a novelist. Then I had a block, precisely in 2010, so I went for the vacation in Ladakh. Then the rest is history.

4. What is your style statement?
Casual but formal. I am always with my Leviʼs denims or my red chinos with my Saint James marinière or a shirt plus my black leather boots. And my absolute essentials is my collector black 
Ray-Ban wayfarer made in USA, I am never seen without it !

5. How has been your move so far as a photographer?
It has been exciting. My works have featured in online and print magazines alike, eg. Cote Paris, Vogue Italia, Le Journal de la Photographie etc....I work with young designers for their lookbook and editorial shoots.I am doing test shoots for new faces and upcoming models from agencies.Then, there are some editorial portraits series that I am working on.
Also my works are available on art+ commerce, millenium images and soon on Gallery Stock.

6. What is that one thing you need to have as a photographer ?
An eye for details and a very good team.

7. How is your work being recognized in not so familiar city Paris?
I was selected for Le Prix PICTO de la jeune photographie de mode, Paris 2012 (young fashion photographersʼ award)
Some people also come to me because they want their portraits done by me ....

8. How would you like people to remember you as?
A photographer who loves cooking... hahah

9. What is Ranadeva?
A guy who eats and drinks photography 24/7 .

Ranadeva's work portrait :

 Hope you guys enjoy reading this man's journey, he is like one of us who tried harder and harder to reach where he is now.

"Gia Haobam"

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