Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Scarf Print Dress

Luxurious Dress

Recently I had to do this Street Fashion Shoot for one of the Fashion Magazine (Definitely will alert you guys once it gets short-listed). I was a little confused as in what to showcase as the Street Style Statement for this season. My mind was acting finicky with a number of options, Time went by just to realize I had bought this beautiful dress (Topshop) which has a Spring-Summer theme print on it. I mean Scarf Print Dresses are on huge demand and on fashion A-List, occasionally I have seen models wear these on runways. this is the new Street Style and to add on, this dress is very light and it's absolutely a joy to wear in scorching weather like in Bangalore, India. I mean if you live in this city, you know what I am talking about.

I was excited to do the shoot with this outfit and was overjoyed, the shoot was fab and behind the camera was my fren Ridhii Paul,this was her project and I enjoyed most being shot by her.Let's stroll on the LOOKBOOK !!!

                            Photo Credit : Ridhii Paul

                          DRESS : TopShop 
                          SLING BAG : Photographer's own
                          SUNNIES : ZARA
                          LOAFER : Tibet Plaza
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Love it Girl!


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Thank you @Chaithra

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