Monday, 29 April 2013

New look with my Hair - Dash at Jean Claude Biguine India

A lot of make-over these days, but this one was more like a totally new look - yes Jean Claude Biguine India gave me a whole new look. With already short hair like mine, options are very less, I mean you can either go for the extra miles funky look or keep it like the school girl look. I already had enough experimenting on my short hair, so I was thinking to not get a cut until it grew at least till the shoulder length. 
But somehow, there was this lengthy conversation between me and hair stylist Sisir Simik, he explained to me the pros and cons about my hairstyle and the type of hair I had, due to chemical treatments it was affected a lot, I had major split ends and for the love of the growth of my hair, I wasn't willing to cut it. He advised me that the existing damage to my hair won't let my hair grow much and I would be facing more challenges. After the conversation, I said yes let's just do it. 
My hair was short, straight and flat, he gave me a cut which  gives bounce to my hair and then he colored my hair with a very dark shade of red and highlighted my hair as well using ammonia free hair color. This would help reduced my split ends leaving it soft and the color will cover up the dryness and frizziness part as well. 
I was happy with my new hair cut, like his amendment to my hair resulted to a whole new me, with the length being in place but with a little twist, more bounce and new color leaving me feel elated.

Couple of questions were asked to me by my viewers about the changes and style of my new hairdo:

©Questions : Is it difficult to maintain after one wash.. cant it stay like this forever with our hair type.
©Answer : It is not that difficult to maintain, if we use the right shampoo and conditioner for our hair type and colored hair. Also after a hair wash we will never get that salon look, but few tools in hand and we can live up to that look. Just a matter of practice.

©Questions :Talking about the bounce created here.. do you need to set it every time you go out.. ?
©Answer : My hair was pretty flat and straight and I was planning to stick to that until I met this magician Hair Stylist at Jean-Claude Biguine India, he assured me that I needed a bounce with my face-cut. I didn't regret the final look and he gave me this cut where my bounce never seems to disappear. 

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anjali dangi said...

Could you please let me know where Sisir work right now... I'm looking him from last 2 year....

DashOfClassic said...

He is working in JCB, Phoenix Mall - Bangalore.