Saturday, 27 April 2013

Let your skin keep talking

Dash Of Classic with Debenhams for a classic Make Over by Elizabeth Arden

I was invited for a make over by the team Debenhams, little did I know, it was more like great tips on how to let your skin breath and keep it healthy, won't you love that ? I mean as women we need to set the priority with ourselves. One of the major things which shows changes as age passes by is our skin. So why not take care of our beautiful appearance and have healthy skin. 
The entire makeover was done by Elizabeth Arden team, the makeup artist told me every procedure step by step, she made sure I was listening and learning as well =) in a very cute way.
A face clean up was done to wipe away all the dirt and makeup, followed by a toner which would tone my skin. A Treatment capsule was used to make the skin firm, she applied it from the neck portion way up to face (Neck is the first spot to see signs of ageing) thats why she recommended this treatment capsule.
Once my skin was relaxed, she started with the base of the make up - Primer, this magically blended and left the skin moisturised and feeling soft, fresh and smooth all day.Post to this the real Make Up start , foundation to even up all the skin and loose compact powder. She gave me a smoky eye make-up with a nude shade of lips, blush to highlight my cheekbones and fine eyebrows were drawn and spread out properly. 
The Final outcome was so clean and fresh. 
I really enjoy the pampered session, hoping it will last for the longest time.
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Make sure you keep your skin fresh and always remove make-up before hitting the bed, skin needs to breath.Love your skin and always stay healthy.

Lots of love,
Keep loving 
Dash Of Classic 

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