Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 beginning of New Year !!

As 2012 ends with a Remarkable Bang – yes I did my first ever Ramp show. This came out of the blue – a call and a text from a long time friend and there I go “I was walking the ramp”. I had fun shooting with my photographer Lallian as well before we finally close 2012. He actually made me pose so much this time and gave me tips (opening up formula). So much of improvement – glad we did it.

It was a party season – concept of today’s shoot was more rocker chic cum sweet look. Apparently I can never look so tough – arhgggg yea I have that sweet image. So I thought I mix and match with dark and some colors.

Basic – I am wearing the black and color.
Essential – Always make sure with black contrast with some attractive color to catch an eye on the outfit. In my case I took the light –brick orange shade blouse.
Complete – Teaming up with see through tights with heart shape and old school shoes.

         Drawing the line – I never want to look so Gothic.

                            Photos : Lallian 

Stay Stylish - with lil Dash of classic..
Love you all


Rupa said...

This is a really classy look. Love the colour of the top and the necklace...Following you..Follow me back if you wish..Love

DashOfClassic said...

Thank you Rupa I will definitely do the same ;)