Thursday, 9 June 2016

Blue & White !

Hello peeps, it's been like forever I didn’t blog, actually very long. Now and then I wanted to talk about more of fashion of 2016 which is very fun, structure dresses & gowns, lots of nude shades and more on experimenting their individuality. As for me I got caught up in this life juggle game (hahaha) long story short. 

Anyways, lets talk about this beautiful gown by Tiara ( her store is located in Koramangala 4th block) it's a little nest in the midst of all those IT buildings & apartments but there are lots of things to offer for you guys. Long back when they contact me for collab, immediately I look through their designs & products. As I went through their store, I really like their whole products ranging from clothes, accessories, bags & shoes. 

This gown has been designed by Roshini Shah, the print on this gown is so intricate and it's very attractive. The cut and the finishing of this gown gives that neat look, perfect blend outfit for a cocktail party, a good afternoon brunch, hangout with friends or even a red carpet moment (you know what I mean). I must say this ensemble is like a fingerprint, unique in its own way.


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