Thursday, 10 July 2014

Red Bodycon Dress

Photo by | Sartaj Tanweer Photography |
Wearing | Dress : Jane Norman | Shoes : Gianfranco Ferre | Necklace : Ikita | Bracelet: Salvatore Ferragmo |

Bodycon dress has been such a huge hit like forever, it has got that incredibly flattering cut and effortlessly classy sex appeal and such saviour for many of us out there. This dress is super sexy with the V knot cut and the color, of course, is attention-getting, assertive and confident. By teaming up with Crisp, I got to style this dress. Pretty obvious, I won't have let it go Jane Norman dress. 

Sometime your clothes blend along with your personality and it lead to opening up yourself more and making you confident. This "Red" dress alter my ego into whole new me and then I grace myself, whoa do I sound very relax and full of confident ? 

I can always save this dress for that one occasion, I have given more charm to this dress by adding the color "black" in terms of necklace, bracelet and shoes. Red is a strong color, to neutralise it I will always go for another strong color, what better way than "black" in this case. 

I hope you guys will love this style and enjoy reading 
DOC - Gia 

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