Saturday, 18 January 2014

A New Year ..... and here is the story.

 Oh my gawd! this is so ridiculous …. After much awaited time, this is going to be my 1st post from 2014. I am taking this opportunity to blame on my hectic schedules, I had no time to breathe and be composed. However, I wanted to share so many things before i can't remember it anymore. 2013 was my year where I had evolved marvellously. I had so many projects and got myself promoted in various levels of fashion, events, art and lifestyle. I enjoyed every bit of connection with so many beautiful people. I live in a city where people claimed “this is not the right place for the industry I am looking in” but guess what, I got more than I desired. 

One of the important factors I understood, hard work does pay off and the support from the people does matter. It started as a mere passion, where I had not a  single clue about things. Those clueless phases eventually got an answer, how? During those time of struggle I was literally wanting to give up but some energy within me kept pushing. Thanks to whatever it was in my inner soul, my enlightenment …… Every bit of me is worth it. As I bid goodbye to the amazing experiences of 2013, I only look forward for a better 2014 and let me surprise myself. 

2014 started with a bang, celebrated in Taj West in Bangalore along side with my homie. Spectacular event, keeping loving Dash Of Classic and I shall do my duty well .

Wearing : Dress (Forever New) Shoes(Ginger) Clutch(Forever New) Ring(Aviraté) Necklace(Forever 21)

Muah y'all,
x Gia

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