Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hard Rock Café and Elle - Breast Cancer Awareness

Sometimes its always good to be aware of some things - Hard Rock Café and Elle- Organ cancer care foundation create awareness and prevention for breast cancer on Saturday, October 12, 2013. We do tend to ignore certain things in life, one of the very important aspect is Breast Cancer. The word itself frightens me but what I came to know is, its good to be a little precautious. This was something which we know about, heard about, but how many of us know what to do after a certain age.

There are couple of myths involved in this as well, like :
1: Its in the genes, no not necessary (the root cause is not yet determined) but your family has history its always good to examine.
2: Big breast have more chances, absolutely not. 
3: Only female suffer from this, male do have tendency to develop this as well. 

How to examine and be precautious:
Always have a self examination once you are 20 years old.
Post to 30 years old, clinical examination.
Post t0 40 years old mammogram test. 
Leading a healthy lifestyle. 
Eating good food.
Avoiding red meat.

As I walked away from the event, I knew one thing I am more knowledgeable now so let me share it with all you pretty women out there, have healthy life and spread awareness.

I leave you guys with this collage pic of me and my blogger's kitties cherishing the thought of, we have done our bit.


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